Mint Green Geode Alexandrite Vintage Crystal Pave Earrings - Gracie Geode Earrings

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Geodes are truly one of nature’s curiosities. They begin life as little orbs and when they are split in half - reveal a shimmering display of crystals nestled within a dimpled nest. These unique kidney shaped mint green Tabasco geodes have been married with vintage pave crystals that have a color changing alexandrite appearance. In certain lighting the crystals have a green appearance, but shift their direction slightly and you will see a gorgeous display of pinks and apricot. What could be more more opposite than the organic and craggy geodes juxtaposed with the elegant vintage pave crystals that frame one of Nature’s most exquisite curiosities. Size: 1.875 inches long from top of ear wires X .75 inches wide.

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