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Apatite Green Labradorite Venetian Glass Intaglio Pendant Necklace - Castelluccio Necklace

  • $948.00
  • Save $237

A unique strand of green labradorite rondelles, flashing with peacock blue, is intercepted with apatite faceted ovals in creating this rich and elegant necklace strand. The focal point of this design is a mixed metals Venetian glass intaglio of peacock blue that repeats the flashing colors of the green labradorite and apatite accents. The glass intaglio has been backed with Mother-of-Pearl to give it depth and richness. The delicate silver workmanship of the intaglio pendant and the juxtaposition of the sterling silver and gold vermeil adds to the nomenclature of this classic design. 19 inches long / 3 inch drop / pendant with bail and pearl dangle 2 inches X 3 inches.

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