About Me



As an interior designer on Boston’s posh Newbury Street, Karen Sugarman was heralded for her spectacular use of color, proportion and attention to detail. These skills have now transitioned into her newest venture. . .jewelry design. After her family was transferred in 2004 from Boston to Arizona, the designer,  who had previously specialized in classic interior design and historic renovation, had no historic properties to transform. With the plethora of “Arizona Tuscan” design in place, Karen decided not to add another log onto that fire.

When she was not working on projects for clients back in Boston, she decided to revise an old necklace in her jewelry armoire. The idea for a new necklace was inspired by the one she had brought back from Paris several years ago. “Although that one was lovely, I always felt it needed to be more bountiful and creative. My first prototype was a floral design. The lush bouquet format confirmed my idea and a completely new design was born. If interior design was my first love, beautiful jewelry was my second.”

When designing a necklace, Karen incorporates differing values of each colorway which allows for versatility in blending with many clothing options. Her works of art are infused with unique gemstones, pearls, vintage beads and Czech beads. The majority of her designs are constructed from either sterling silver or gold vermeil thus eliminating most jewelry allergies. Her jewelry creations look stunning with everything from blue jeans to ball gowns.