After 25+ years of running a successful interior design firm on Boston’s posh Newbury Street. . .everything changed in a phone call. Now transferred to Scottsdale, AZ - for the first time in my adult life, I found myself with an abundance of time on my hands and no real creative outlet. Enter my second love - beautiful jewelry. After all, interior designers and exquisite jewelry are irresistibly drawn together - like peas and carrots!

My first attempts were merely to amuse myself and see, if indeed, this was something I was adept at doing. Gemstones had always intrigued me, ever since my little part time job in the Geology Department while in college - their allure had remained for all these years.

Most of my handmade designs are considered bridge jewelry “assemblage” work and are handcrafted by me . My technical skills in making jewelry are all self-taught, but my style of combining colors, textures and antique elements are obviously deeply influenced by my many years as an interior designer. There are occasions when a fabulous antique element is discovered and I am able to have the design re-cast and implemented into a new design - so that others may also enjoy a beautiful part of history. From time to time, I am so inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of a stone, that I submit design drawings to my workroom for wax carvings and castings to be made - allowing my vision to become a reality. Just as a great interior designer knows all the right tradespersons to execute her visions, I have been fortunate enough to meet and form a strong working relationship with a very talented group of specialized trade persons within the jewelry industry - from wax carvers to scrimshaw artists to museum enamel restorers.

My work has been featured in numerous local and international publications as well as feature stories in several blogs. As a result, my jewelry designs have found enthusiastic support - not only across the U.S., but all over the world.

Because of my previous profession as an interior designer, I am always open to the idea of customizing designs for my clients. My goal is to create exquisite and timeless jewelry designs that hallmark your impeccable style. Jewelry that awakens your fashionista for work and play, while simultaneously is worthy of all your “red carpet” moments.