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Austro Hungarian Brooch Kyanite Freshwater Pearls Necklace - Eliza Necklace

  • $1,475.00

A stunning antique Austro Hungarian sapphire blue paste and pearls brooch has become both the focal point as well as the clasp, for a necklace of hand-coiled kyanite nuggets and freshwater pearls. This unique design allows the wearer to easily close the clasp in front of the necklace or simply remove the beautiful classic brooch to be worn separately. Austro Hungarian jewelry designs began during the Georgian Period (1800’s) and are easily identified by their elaborate filigreed metalwork combined with semi-precious stones, paste stones, enamels and seed pearls. Although considered costume jewelry, these exquisitely made grandiose designs are highly coveted even today. Size: 22 inches long.

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