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18K Gold Pink Watermelon Tourmaline Butterfly Necklace - Le Papillon VIII Necklace

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I am not a fan of insects, save two exceptions - ladybugs and butterflies. A recent visit to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale with my family was also the serendipitous inspiration for some new necklace designs. Such stunning colors and elegant wings of fantasy. Butterflies have been trending for about a year in both fashion and home furnishings and are now filtering down to jewelry. It is predicted that even brides will be smitten with this trend in Spring 2017. I can only imagine how magnificent a spring wedding with a butterfly theme could be! Butterflies are also such a perfect fit to showcase the beauty of so many gorgeous translucent stones. This remarkable butterfly pendant with pastel pink watermelon tourmaline wings, was designed to showcase the unique beauty of the tourmaline slices and mounted in an 18k gold frame. It has been married to a delicate necklace of hand-linked tourmaline in gold vermeil to repeat the colors found in the wings. Worn alone or layered with another necklace in your jewelry armoire, these charming necklaces quietly and gently call for attention. Unlike the ethereal and flighty butterflies that hitched a ride on my blouse during our visit to the Butterfly Wonderland - this butterfly will be most happy to go anywhere with you! 19 inches long. Butterfly is .62 inches wide X .53 inches high.