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Agate Geodes & Sapphires Earrings - Natalie Earrings

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Geodes, with their beautiful assortment of colorings and druzy crystal concave interior surfaces - are one of nature’s little curiosities. Some are as small as a fingernail - while others are large enough to make stunning statements as accents in interior design. Geodes begin their life as a ball - which when split open, delight the viewers with their magnificent sparkling interiors. Petite agate geode twins are the focal point of these unique, organic and wild earrings. In the right lighting, the interiors sparkle like micro diamonds snugly nestled in a cocoon. The smooth outer perimeter of the cuts showcase an ever changing display of rippled colors, so familiar to the agate family. These darling little geodes have been surrounded by tiny sapphire briolettes that glimmer and glitter in gorgeous amber, gold and soft tangerine colors. These earrings paired with a camel cashmere sweater - simply exude elegance and luxury. Size: 1.625” long from top of ear hook / .625” wide