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Antique Garnet Lace Pin Tanzanite Heart Pearl Necklace - Purple Heart of Love

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A dainty little antique Georgian lace brooch (circa 1800) has found a new life as a sweet little love token charm filled with micro-pearls and a minuscule tanzanite heart sitting snugly behind the little glass window. The marriage of pearls and garnets are a natural and the petite pearl dangle necklace intercepted by tiny flat oval garnets delivers an unsurpassed femininity. A unique petal pearl and a Byzantine cross charm compliments the pairing of red and white for a perfect Valentine’s Day message of love. The gorgeous garnet lace pin can be easily removed from the necklace and worn as a sweet little accent on a lapel, collar or hat. Size: 28.75 inches long / 2.75 inches drop.