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Aqua/Green Helenite White Topaz Flip Ring

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I am always intrigued and delighted by designs that serve more than one function and this gorgeous classic ring has hit the mark. Designed with a double sterling silver band, this classic ring flips around to reveal either the emerald green stone or the aqua version. Does not get better than this for me - two rings for the price of one! The story of how the Helenite stones were discovered is equally intriguing. Helenite was first discovered after the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington state in 1980. The erupting volcano lasted for quite some time and the blowing ash affected the weather across the United States for several weeks, as I recall. Volcanos are an incubator for many of the world’s treasures and the eruption ejected igneous rock from 10-20 miles deep underground. Workers from the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company were attempting to salvage equipment damaged after the volcanic eruption when serendipity occurred. Using acetylene torches, they noticed that the intense heat was melting the nearby volcanic ash and rock and turning it a greenish color. The minerals found in the ash and rock combined with the heat of the torches, transformed the volcanic particles into a compound that would later be commercially replicated as Helenite. Helenite is also available in various colors of red, green and aqua blue. Message me with the size you need during checkout. Size: Available in sizes 5 & 6