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Aquamarine and Pearls Necklace - Amethyst Stalactite and Pink Amethyst Amulets - Charmed, I’m Sure IV Necklace

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Cool and serene aquamarine rondelles are mixed with creamy white baroque pearls stationed along the chain to create a sophisticated, classic and feminine color palette. A unique textural explosion of an amethyst stalactite with it’s aqua/gray colored “eye” and its soft violet colored spiny crystals chased in 24k gold would become the focal point of the necklace. The plump pink amethyst “kiss” dangling just above the prickly stalactite repeats the violet colors of the outer crystals while a deeper amethyst briolette adds the deeper dimension for contrast. Throw in an aquamarine nugget amulet to accentuate the eye of the stalactite and another creamy white baroque pearl to marry the accent colors of the hand linked chain and. . .there you have it. . . the idea for Charmed, I’m Sure was conceived. A sweet little 24k gold vermeil “Fleur de Lis” key lends a lovely touch as a potential gift. Size: 30” long + 3.25” pendant & charms.