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Aquamarine Ice Crystals White Sapphire Necklace - Chione Necklace

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Aquamarine Ice Crystals White Sapphire Necklace - Chione Necklace. This unique necklace with it’s watery blue aquamarine snow capped ice crystals and glistening white sapphires reminds me of the beauty of freshly fallen snow during a Boston snowstorm. Nothing can compare to the fleeting and brief frozen beauty and the eerie quiet of a blanket of snow in the city. Especially enchanting at dusk when lights from the townhouses and street lights create diamond like sparkles in the pristine dusting. Although this necklace has a raw and organic look, I can easily envision it worn with a classic velvet evening gown of midnight blue or black. It is the juxtaposition of the raw and untamed aquamarine crystals with their snow capped qualities against the smooth and tactile texture of velvet that makes this unlikely pairing so appealing and mesmerizing. Size: 19.25 inches long X .82 inches (longest crystal).

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