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Chocolate Moonstone Choker Necklace Inlay MOP Toggle - Celeste Necklace

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Moonstone has long been a favorite stone for Fall and Winter seasons, but the recent explosion of this new vein of brown moonstone has renewed an interest this year. It is without a doubt, a perfect stone for cooler months - especially beautiful when mixed with camels and tans, but equally stunning when mixed with navy, pink or even black. In part, the renewed popularity is the richness of the mocha color paired with the adularescence of the stone - making the rich chocolate stones look as though they are lit from within with a floating source of light. A glorious and imposing suite of faceted chocolate moonstone rondelles, generously sized from 12.3 mm to 15.5mm, firmly establishes this necklace in the luxurious category. When you pair the lit from within quality of the stones and silky chocolate color with the rarified Mother-of-Pearl inlay toggle clasp - it creates a fashionista’s dream come true. 19 inches long X .61 inches diameter.