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Chrysocolla Slices Necklace Mystic Ruby Corundum - Cari Necklace

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In every human being there is a combination of yin and yang. Even the most feminine women are very often intrigued by typically less than dainty objects. Such is the case with the world of gemstones and geology - there is often great beauty in the wild and craggy nature of gemstones when first pulled from the earth. Generous slabs of chrysocolla stone have been left in their natural state - exposing both the gorgeous range of aqua and green juxtaposed with the soft mist gray matrix. These stunning stone slices have been carefully polished to retain a suede-like finish, while simultaneously removing sharp edges. The result of Nature’s bounty, gently guided by man’s hand - is this dramatic statement necklace. The slices of chrysocolla have been separated by mystic ruby corundum beads which provided just a whisper of quiet sparkle. Size: 20.5 inches long.