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Garnet White Pyrite Baroque Gray Pearls Parisian Grand Tour Cranberry Glass Chatelaine Scent Bottle Necklace - Madeleine Necklace

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Delicate little hand-linked garnet slice teardrops have been paired with white pyrite rondelles flanking hand-coiled baroque gray pearls that are stationed along the chain of this necklace. This rich and elegant burgundy and gray combination executed, in mixed metals of argentium silver and gold vermeil, was designed to compliment the elegance of a gorgeous Grand Tour souvenir - a filigreed cranberry glass chatelaine scent bottle. This highly coveted scent bottle is in remarkably good condition considering it’s age (c. 1880). The watercolor painting of one of the Grand Tour sights, Le Madeleine Church in Paris, has suffered only a slight loss of paint at the edges and the unique reverse side mirror has minor etching, but the beautiful scent bottle still retains its original glass stopper under the elegantly embossed hinged cap. This provenanced scent bottle has been crowned with a grouping of charms, (gold vermeil Byzantine Cross and Fleur de Lis) to represent its origin. 29.5 inches long X 5.25 inches drop X 1.70 inches diameter.