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Labradorite Aqua Chalcedony Leaf Bracelet - Aqua Leaf Me Alone Bracelet

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Like freshly raked leaves, this cluster bracelet featuring various shapes of blue flash labradorite beads, are juxtaposed with gorgeous hand carved aqua chalcedony leaf beads. The quiet nature of the grey labradorite, with it’s subtle flashes of aqua blue as the bracelet moves, becomes the perfect foil for the more spectacular and showy aqua blue carved leaves. The leaf theme of the bracelet is carried further with the addition of a unique gold vermeil leaf toggle clasp and an aqua leaf dangling suspended from the clasp. Oddly enough, the soft rustling of the beads sounds very similar to the shuffling of feet through a leaf strewn yard. 7.75 inches long (fits 6.25+ inch wrist).