1-china-doll-petite-necklace-lapis-blue-white-miniature-plate Layaway Sign 2-china-doll-petite-necklace-lapis-blue-white-miniature-plate 3-china-doll-petite-necklace-lapis-blue-white-miniature-plate 4-china-doll-petite-necklace-lapis-blue-white-miniature-plate 5-china-doll-petite-necklace-lapis-blue-white-miniature-plate 6-china-doll-petite-necklace-lapis-blue-white-miniature-plate

Lapis Lazuli Blue White Miniature Plate Necklace - China Doll Petite Necklace

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A commerative miniature blue and white Eiffel Tower plate, dated Paris 1884, is the focal point of this darling and dimunitive necklace. Little lapis lazuli quatrefoil beads have been stationed along a delicate gold-filled chain to emphasize the blue and white color scheme. This necklace is certain to please the more petite women who have envied the larger version of this China Doll Necklace. Other plate themes are available and shown in the last photo. If you have a preference, please message me with your choice. 21.5 inches long X 1.03 inches diameter.

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