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London Blue Topaz Pink Sapphire Lover’s Eye Necklace - Veronica Necklace

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An enchanting hand-painted watercolor of a miniature Lover’s Eye was recently commissioned to marry the charming folklore of it’s antique counterparts with a gorgeous Edwardian antique silver paste locket. The stunning and generous locket, with sparkling paste stones and charming bow crowning the locket, is the perfect frame to showcase the very talented beauty of the eye art. A clever surprise awaits you on the reverse side - a diminutive gold vermeil key with heart charm, floating in a sea of sparkling pink rubies. From the reverse side, you can also see the artist’s signature and date. Luxurious London blue topaz rondelles in a hushed shade of sophisticated blue, have been married to pink sapphires flanking hand coiled blush pink pearls, stationed along the chain. As frequently these lockets are a combination of silver and gold, the mixed metals of this design allow the owner to wear this stunning necklace with either preference. 27.75 inches long / 3.25 inch drop / 1.06 inches diameter.

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