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Lover’s Eye Necklace - 9K Gold Victorian Pearl Mourning Locket Seed Pearl Hessonite Garnet - Suzanne Necklace

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Lover’s Eye Necklace - Victorian Pearl Mourning Locket Seed Pearl Hessonite Garnet - Suzanne Necklace. A hauntingly beautiful hand-painted watercolor of a Lover’s Eye was recently commissioned to marry the charming folklore of it’s antique counterparts with a gorgeous Victorian antique pearl mourning locket. The stunning 9ct. gold locket, encircled with tiny seed pearls and crowned with a pearl encrusted bow, is the perfect frame to showcase the very talented beauty of the miniature eye art. However, there is a very remarkable surprise on the other side - a diminutive Byzantine Cross charm in 24k gold vermeil, floating in a sea of sparkling citrine. From the back side, you can also see the artist’s signature and date. A long frilled rope of minuscule hand linked seed pearls is intercepted with richly colored root beer faceted Hessonite garnets stationed along the swishy and delicate pearl chain. This delectable confection - reminiscent of a childhood favorite - a root beer float - is the perfect compliment for the delicate pearl heirloom locket and the stunning hazel eye/strawberry blond coloring of the miniature eye art subject. Her identity remains a mystery! Size: 30.25 inches long / 3.25 inches drop / 1.44 inches diameter.

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