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Lovers Eye Georgian Locket Napoleonic Bee Sapphires Blue Topaz Rose Quartz Freshwater Pearls Necklace - Emelie Necklace

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If you are interested in a similar Lover's Eye Necklace - please send an inquiry. List Price - $1015 Deposit - $100 I have been collecting antique silver lockets and mourning lockets for quite some time for their unique beauty and charming history. Because so many of them originated in Europe during the 1800’s, they are not as abundantly found here in the US. Additionally, I have recently been very enamored by what is commonly know as “Lover’s Eye” or miniature eye portraits. My fascination began when I found a slide bracelet that integrated several of the “Lover’s Eyes” into the design. As much as I loved the bracelet, the cost was truly astronomical and I passed on the opportunity to be the new owner. Antique “Lover’s Eye” lockets are quite expensive, ranging in the thousands of dollars for one. The history of how these came to be fashionable is not only very interesting, but endearing. Here is a link to my blog where the history of the “Lover’s Eye” is detailed - http://karensugarmandesigns.blogspot.com/2012/01/look-of-love.html Rather serendipitously, I came across a very talented artist who was willing to collaborate with me on incorporating new “Lover’s Eye” paintings into some of my antique lockets. The Emelie Necklace is the result of that collaboration. As you can see, the beautiful eye is painted in a style to resemble the antiquity of its older counterparts. The stunning locket, with a paste stone encrusted bow, is the perfect frame to showcase the very talented beauty of the eye art. However, there is a very unique surprise on the other side - a diminutive Napoleonic bee in 24k gold vermeil, floating in a sea of 2.5 carats of stunning blue sapphires. From the back side, you can also see the artist’s signature and date. Generous faceted blue topaz ovals are juxtaposed with creamy blush pink freshwater pearls and the hand-coiled loops of the rose quartz faceted coins, enhance the antique beauty of the locket. As most of these lockets are a combination of silver and gold, that combination also extends to the hand linked chain to allow the owners to wear it with either preference. Size: 27.75 inches long / 3.625 inches drop / 1.19 inches diameter.