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Matte Turquoise Choker Necklace with Mother-of-Pearl and Opal Inlay Toggle - Charlene II Necklace

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Luxe and highly-coveted 20mm - 22mm matte turquoise beads, with their suede-like aqua finish, are further enhanced with a most unique marquise-shaped inlaid toggle clasp of Mother-of-pearl and opal. Turquoise stones of this size are not only difficult to find, but the quality of these nearly matrix-free stones places them in an elite category. The gorgeous sterling silver inlay toggle was designed to be worn as a focal point of the necklace, but can certainly be placed behind the neck for a more classic look. Because of the unadulterated state of the turquoise - this necklace should not be exposed to perfume, hair spray, body lotions/oils or sunscreens. Slight darkening of the stones is anticipated due to natural body oils. Size: 18.5 inches long X .86 inches diameter.