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Micro Malachite Lapis Antique Enamel Moses Basket Locket Necklace - Jocebed Necklace

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A hand linked chain of micro malachite beads interscepted along the chain with small lapis beads, has created the perfect juxtaposition for this charming antique green and blue silver/gilt Georgian enamel locket. The top of the locket is handpainted with the biblical scene of baby Moses in the basket while his mother and sister carefully position him nearby. As we all know, the rest of the story is a tribute to his mother’s careful planning of her beloved son and her willingness to momentarily place him in what could have been a dangerous circumstance - all in order to spare the life of her infant. This little locket opens to reveal a gold gilt baby nestled in a velvet lined basket. The little baby Moses can be lifted out of the locket, but just as his mother carefully positioned him for the Egyptian princess to discover him - his enamel basket has a safety latch to keep him safe from harm. This precious necklace and locket are certain to delight grandchildren as well as adults that fondly remember this sweet story of a mother’s love. 27 inches long / 1.75 inches drop / locket is .52 inches wide X .73 inches long.