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Multi Color Baroque Pearls EcoIvory Cherub Necklace - Mon Ange Chéri Necklace

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A silky smooth large graduated strand of multi-colored pink, peach, white, mauve and taupe baroque pearls - is the dreamy basis of this heavenly necklace design. These naturally colored craggy baroque pearls are hand linked in gold vermeil and culminate with mixed metals and crystal accents flanking the last pearls in the series. All of these creamy confectionary colored pearls, reminiscent of some type of silky bonbons, have lead to the focal point of this design - a delightful and precious cherubim with a hand carved bone heart fluttering beneath, suspended between the cloud-like puffs of pearls. This darling little angel has been faithfully reproduced from heirloom antique cherubs in a new man-made material called, EcoIvory. A gold vermeil Byzantine cross and Saint Esprit dove charms are representative of the religious undertones of this heavenly design. 29 inches long / 1.75 inch drop.