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Multicolored Moonstone Necklace Antique Gilt Carnelian Fob - Elise III Necklace

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Autumn multi-colored moonstone of russet, grays, brown and whites are hand-linked into a 30 inch chain. The piece de resistance is the removable antique gilt carnelian fob (circa 1840) with a regal cartouche design. The elongated octagonal carnelian seal itself, has remained un-carved for decades - thus, allowing the owner the opportunity to have their own family crest or initials carved into the stone. Worn with or without the antique fob - this beautiful combination of colors is the perfect accessory for Autumn suedes and chunky knits. Size: 30 inches long with 1.75 inch drop / Fob .80 inch X .87 inch X 1.28 inches high.