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Opal and Diamond Earrings - Fête Earrings

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Opal and Diamond Earrings - Fête Earrings. Opals are a gemstone of great mystery and allure and those of us with October birthdays are lucky enough to wear these alluring stones with good fortune. Within the semi opaque stones lies a dancing fire - often in a range of colors from pinks and oranges to blues and greens. Exquisite semi opaque oval opals with a rainbow of internal fire have been set into an oval garland of generous size in this stunning design. Each of the surreal and fiery opals is encircled with a pave setting of diminutive diamonds mounted in rhodium silver. The simplicity of the design allows the posh gemstones to be featured at their absolute best. The post style earrings are the perfect solution for hiding our youthful jewelry indiscretions. Because opal is a porous and lightweight stone - the luxe size of these earrings is surprisingly lightweight. With the internal fire of colors, these earrings will certainly be on the guest list for all your celebrations. 2.3125 inches long from posts X 1.56 inches wide.