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Pearls, Petal Pearls Garnets Black Spinel Tourmilated Quartz Cluster Earrings - Celosia II Earrings

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My mother was an avid gardener when I was a child and there are still certain flowers from the garden that stick in my memory. Deep burgundy Celosia or commonly named Cockscomb, were a flower of endless fascination. Every fall, the beautiful rich red and velvety smooth flowers arrived on cue. Truthfully, I have no idea if they were annuals that bloomed every year or if the gardener planted them for her. In any event, I could not keep my hands off of their velvet curls and to me - they are so gorgeous when mixed in a fall/holiday arrangement. Rich burgundy-red pearls and petal pearls with dramatic black spinel centers, are joined with sparkly Rubellite Garnets as a nod to my favorite fall flower – Celosia. Beautiful tourmilated quartz faceted drops with black needles embedded in the stone, adds more drama to an already compelling design. 2.875 inches long X .75 inches wide (clusters).

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