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Petal Pearl Lavender Opal Tanzanite Moonstone Pink Amethyst Lavender Chalcedony - Isadora Necklace

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When two things happen simultaneously, you know it has some hidden meaning. Several weeks ago, I was reading about lavender ice cream and thought it sounded very interesting. Lavender happens to be one of my favorite fragrances, so it made sense to me that I should at least give it a try even though I am not much of an ice cream connoisseur. Just after the lavender ice cream idea, I came across a totally new stone (for me) that was called (of all things) - lavender opal. It seems to be available in fairly limited amounts, but its slight opalescent beauty and soft coloring made me even more determined to seek it out. I ordered a very small quantity of stones and was instantly smitten! The Isadora Necklace pays homage to that lavender ice cream confection with a generous dollop of a creamy and luxe petal pearl topped with a medley of lavender opal faceted briolettes, rondelles and adorable little hear shaped briolettes; lavender chalcedony onion briolettes; pink amethyst rondelles; minuscule tanzanite rondelles; sweet little faceted moonstone briolettes; pear shaped moonstones and deliciously delicate little center-drilled keshi pearls. Just like a scrumptious dessert served in your favorite restaurant, the necklace is garnished with sprigs of lavender opal, dainty keshi pearl and a light amethyst rondelle on the side. Guess it’s time for me to take a trip to Whole Foods and try out the ice cream now that the necklace is completed! Um, Yummy! Size: 25” long.