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Sailors Valentine Aquamarine & Labraorite Necklace - Anguila Necklace

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As the story goes. . .Sailor’s Valentines originated as a way for sailors to not only express their love for wives and family, but to also wile away the endless days at sea. Fashioned from varieties of colorful shells found during their travels, these beautiful mosaics were originally housed in wooden boxes and covered in glass. I first became aware of these highly collectible works of art early during our 10 year sojourns to Nantucket for the summer. Imagine my delight in teaching myself to create a miniature version of the larger Sailors Valentine encased in this antique pocket watch! A meticulously detailed scrimshaw of a tall ship is the focal point of this unique antique pocket watch Sailor’s Valentine shell mosaic. The featured scrimshaw is encircled by a painstaking arrangement of the most miniature shells in aquas, ivory and black & white to accentuate the details of the scrimshaw. A hand-linked chain of aquamarine and faceted labradorite nuggets with hand-coiled loops are combined with - acknowledging the bounty of the sea - freshwater pearls. A grouping of meaningful sailor’s amulets adorns the beautifully embossed antique shell mosaic pocket watch - an aqua flash briolette with a “beehive” cap, creamy pearl from the ocean, a delicate little vermeil filigree heart and a bronze breloque cast from an antique seal. On close inspection the bronze seal charm bears not only the image of a three masted sailing ship under full sail - but a little bird flying away from the ship holding a running line with a love knot, under a banner with the French sentiment, “Le plus loin le plus serre”, which translates “The further apart, the tighter the bond”. This is truly a one-of-a-kind design that will amaze your friends! Size: 28.5” long with 4” pendant drop / watch case is 2.13” diameter.