#5 Saint Esprit Paste Hear Locket Necklace Set
#5 Saint Esprit Paste Hear Locket Necklace Set Layaway Sign #6 Saint Esprit Paste Hear Locket Necklace Set #9 Saint Esprit Paste Hear Locket Necklace Set DSC01187PM Square #11 Saint Esprit II Necklace - Antique Saint Esprit Pendant White Topaz Teardrops

Saint Esprit Dove Necklace - Saint Esprit II Necklace

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I have always loved little birds and we are blessed in Arizona to have a huge number of species. Living on a golf course, we see delicate little hummingbirds, mourning doves, swallows and huge numbers of others co-existing nicely together. When I first became aware of the charming Victorian Saint Esprit pendants - I felt compelled to research the significance of these birds in flight. The result of the research is a bit confusing, but also bears similar significance. The Saint Esprit dove can be traced back as far as the mid 1700’s in France and was a religious symbol, meaning “Holy Spirit”. The dove itself is highly symbolic in many cultures and faiths, meaning peace, love or fidelity. As we move forward into the Victorian era, the doves or swallows found in the jewelry of that period represented safely returning home and/or faithfulness. This connotation was taken from the legend that swallows lead ships home as they get closer to land - preventing the ships from being lost at sea. Victorian French Saint Esprit doves, descending from heaven with their wings spread was a symbol of faith. Birds holding a heart in their beak symbolized love and holding a branch signified peace, friendship and hope. The fact that swallows mate for life has made these coveted romantic symbols endure - even hundreds of years later. An antique Victorian Saint Esprit paste swallow pendant (circa 1850) descending from heaven with outstretched wings, dangles sweetly below an oxidized silver chain with bezel set teardrops of white topaz - repeating the shimmering antique paste pendant. This delicate heirloom necklace can be worn separately, or used in conjunction with other necklaces in your jewelry armoire. This necklace is also shown paired with other coordinating layering necklaces. Saint Esprit Necklace - 19 inches long / Pendant .89 X 1.16 inches

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