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Scrimshaw Theatre Token Necklace - Cherish Necklace

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This magnificent necklace, created in scrimshaw from Corian® is the epitome of a charm necklace - great style presence and very lightweight with a delicate “jingle”. The neutral colors go with almost any outfit from a cocktail dress to jeans and white shirt. Tokens can be customized to represent theaters for symphonies, operas or ballets or they can represent other significant events, honors or occasions in the owner’s life utilizing both sides of the tokens. Each necklace becomes a one-of-a-kind design upon customization. The prototype necklace is shown with 13 tokens, but it is available with as few as three tokens (odd numbers, please). Each necklace is a made-to-order design and could take up to 4 weeks to create. 18” long Please email me with particulars of what you would like to have included on your customized tokens or for a price quote for fewer than 13 tokens at karensugarmanitr@aol.com This item is made-to-order. Size: 18" long

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