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Triple Strand Garnet Necklace Amethyst Chatelaine Scent Bottle - Gisela Necklace

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Profusely rich acai berry-colored garnets are on the forefront of fashion this year with the explosion of jewel tones for the Fall and Winter. In particular, reds and purples in all shapes and forms seem to be on every fashionista’s list. This triple strand necklace of delicate hand linked garnets made with oxidized silver is accented with an assortment of bezel set stone stations ranging from rich purple amethysts and garnet reds to beautiful blue topaz and lemon quartz. These gorgeous rich winter colors have been accented with assorted crystal pearls in the complimentary range of colors of mulberry, woodrose, soft taupes and rich gray. All of these delicious colors were designed to coordinate with the piece de resistance - an antique amethyst cut glass chatelain scent bottle (C. 1800 - with glass stopper intact) suspended from the bottom strand and joined with little amulets of garnet, blue topaz and lemon quartz and a diminutive oxidized silver ex-voto charm. Slip on this triple strand of delight and it will certainly turn a simple cashmere sweater into a new fashion statement. Size: 18/24/31 inches long - 1.75 inch drop X .95 inches diameter.