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Venetian Intaglio Griffin Pendant Rose Quartz Blue Peruvian Opal Necklace - Garda Necklace

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This necklace is a reserved for Anna. Please do not purchase unless it is intended for you. Delicate blush pink faceted rose quartz nuggets have been paired with accents of blue Peruvian opal nuggets to create a stunning backdrop - complimenting the generous and richly-colored emerald/blue spruce glass intaglio. This classic Venetian intaglio, featuring a winged griffin, is surrounded with freshwater pearls and comes complete with a hinged bail that can easily be removed from the necklace to create a completely different design. The beaded toggle clasp features a faceted rose quartz teardrop suspended from a clever little beehive cap. One should look just as gorgeous leaving the room as entering! This necklace is designed to sit gently nestled just below the collarbone. Size: 19.25 inches long X 2.43 inches pendant diameter