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Are You Guilty - Blazer On Top / PJ’s On The Bottom???

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After the current administration finally agreed we indeed did have a pandemic looming in our future and everything came to a screeching halt (including sales of anything that was not related to a.) masks, b.) sanitizer, c.) food / cleaning supplies or d.) toilet paper {seriously !?!}) - the amount of interest in my jewelry designs also waned as people went into “hunter” mode for life’s necessities. Fortunately for me, I had already been in a conversation with a lovely client from Chicago regarding making a beaded necklace to go with her antique micro-mosaic pendant. We finally decided it would...

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Watermelon, Anyone?

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Brazil - James Elliott Photo I have long known that almost anything I make up using toumaline sells rather quickly. It is probably the single most searched word on my website, so clearly, it strikes a chord with ladies around the world! To understand how watermelon tourmaline is formed, here is a little background.The very first tourmaline was found in Brazil in the 16th Century. The emerald green color of the tourmaline was first confused with emeralds, but around the 19th Century, that gem was classified as tourmaline. The name comes from the Singhalese phrase, “tura mali”, which loosely translated...

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