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Forget Fascinators - These Are The New Easter Bonnets!

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  The New Easter Bonnets for 2020! I hope this post finds you all well and safe. Sorry I have been MIA recently, but I just needed some time to adjust to the new normal. Besides, hunting for food, cleaning supplies and toilet paper (still have not found that one online, but we have a fairly good supply at home with 5 baths) and figuring out the online websites and pick up times of our local stores + cleaning all the groceries, packages and mail, not to mention cleaning my house . . . it is really a full time...

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Anticipation! Or. . How This FedEx Box Is Driving Me Crazy Today!

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This blog posting is hopefully to serve two purposes - (a.) as a test for my new(ish) web site and (b.) to explain how this FedEx box has been driving me a little crazy since it was delivered this morning.The summer before my son decided to become engaged - around 2003, I was in Atlanta, most likely shopping for accessories for an upcoming Jr. League of Boston Showhouse or possibly for a client. As I am prone to do, I also did some shopping for myself. I came across a lovely little jewelry boutique not too far from the Atlanta...

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