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Goodbye 2020 - Welcome 2021 / Cooking . . . ALL Day Long!

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Image courtesy of KingOfthy First of all, the image above rather succinctly expresses our feelings about this past year!  Good riddance (hopefully) to this horrible Pandemic and  "Hello" to a year filled with hope . . .  2021.  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, and  such is the case with  our current (but outgoing)  dysfunctional administration and the speedy invention of the new Coronavirus vaccines.  At least for now . . . there is HOPE! Daphne 2021 - right after her grooming! My hubby and I have been under something akin to "House Arrest" for the...

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Cyber Monday Sale - Opportunity Is Not A Lengthy Visitor

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When the minimalist look in interiors became popular, as a designer, I always said, “If interiors were money - this would not even be a trend”! Less is just simply. . . .LESS! Thank goodness that trend is waning and interiors are once again beginning to look cozy and welcoming. Who does not delight in finding a few extra dollars in last year’s coat pocket or handbag? It is simply human nature to hope we can save a few extra dollars - even those that have plenty of cash in the bank! I don’t know about all of you, but...

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