Goodbye 2020 - Welcome 2021 / Cooking . . . ALL Day Long!

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First of all, the image above rather succinctly expresses our feelings about this past year!  Good riddance (hopefully) to this horrible Pandemic and  "Hello" to a year filled with hope . . .  2021.  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, and  such is the case with  our current (but outgoing)  dysfunctional administration and the speedy invention of the new Coronavirus vaccines.  At least for now . . . there is HOPE!

Daphne 2021 - right after her grooming!

My hubby and I have been under something akin to "House Arrest" for the past 10 months and it is really not fun at all.  Because of our high risk status, this Pandemic has us resorting to having all supplies being placed in our trunk with no contact, washing all groceries in a mixture of soapy bleach water, spraying all mailed/delivered items with Lysol Spray and walking our little doggie, Daphne with a mask and distancing 6 feet+ away from our neighbors!  So far, so good.  In addition to the above precautions, we never eat fresh veggies/fruit unless it is either washed with soap or cooked - in a nutshell . . . no green salads for us!  The absolute worst precaution, is the fact that we have abstained from all take out foods from local restaurants and I have been forced to cook EVERY meal we eat!  In all honesty, this last bit was actually my own idea at the beginning of our self imposed lock down - I never dreamed  it might last this long!

I am so terribly tired of cooking every meal that I have recently even entertained the idea of putting out sweet little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in charge . . . just to get a much needed break.  Daphne is always curious about the cooking process for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and plops herself right in the middle of my work triangle.  Naturally, with my readers on, there have been some near misses in the tripping department.  Still - she waits patiently for a crumb or tiny bit of grated to cheese to fall into her domain so it can be slurped up quickly, before the cook (Me) realizes and retrieves!  I think these photos probably sum up my idea of what putting Daphne in charge of cooking might be!

As for 2021, I am soooo ready to hit the stores (AmEx, you've been warned), go to a restaurant and a movie . . . when it is finally safe.  There is finally hope for the New Year and I urge EVERYONE to get their vaccine when it is your turn.  Meanwhile, wear your masks, wash your hands and play "Keep Away" from your neighbors, extended family and friends!

Oh, I almost forgot about this jewelry making stuff.  I will not be listing any new designs until after the sale period.  However . . .  lucky you, can take advantage and find exquisite hand-made jewelry for all your ZOOM meetings ON SALE - now  until midnight (EST), January 6th!



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