Forget Fascinators - These Are The New Easter Bonnets!

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The New Easter Bonnets for 2020!

I hope this post finds you all well and safe. Sorry I have been MIA recently, but I just needed some time to adjust to the new normal. Besides, hunting for food, cleaning supplies and toilet paper (still have not found that one online, but we have a fairly good supply at home with 5 baths) and figuring out the online websites and pick up times of our local stores + cleaning all the groceries, packages and mail, not to mention cleaning my house . . . it is really a full time job!

My sweet friend modeling her homemade mask!

This past week with the new guideline regarding masks, I decided that since I do have sewing skills, I would make some for hubby and myself. Then, a sweet neighbor asked about finding some - so . . .  I mentioned I was planning to make some and one for her as well. Much of the time spent actually involved finding the best pattern and the type of fabric and materials for the filter. After some research + trial and error + confusion - I decided the safest material for the filter might actually be the Pellon fused interfacing that I use for stiffening when sewing. I am still not certain about the use of HEPA Air Purifier Filters and HEPA Vacuum Bags as filters - could they have harmful stuff inside like fiberglass? After rummaging through my fabrics, I discovered that most of what I had available was actually interior home furnishing weights rather than fashion fabrics. Not wanting to go out to a fabric/craft store (and they are all closed now) - I was forced to use the limited supplies I had on hand. After some size tweaking for my hubby, all three of us now have washable masks to wear. I am hoping they hold up through the cleaning process, because I really don’t want to make more of them!


I realized Easter is upon us and found the lead photo on FaceBook of these whimsical masks - then an epiphany! Our new normal this year going to include a fashion change - unique and custom made face masks are now the new Easter Bonnet!  Okay. . back to the craft box and sewing machine!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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