Anticipation! Or. . How This FedEx Box Is Driving Me Crazy Today!

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This blog posting is hopefully to serve two purposes - (a.) as a test for my new(ish) web site and (b.) to explain how this FedEx box has been driving me a little crazy since it was delivered this morning.

The summer before my son decided to become engaged - around 2003, I was in Atlanta, most likely shopping for accessories for an upcoming Jr. League of Boston Showhouse or possibly for a client. As I am prone to do, I also did some shopping for myself. I came across a lovely little jewelry boutique not too far from the Atlanta Design District and decided to take a peek. Once inside, it became the jewelry store of my dreams - tons of antique and reproduction jewelry! As I perused the displays, I came across a gorgeous platinum setting that really caught my eye. The store did not have a stone in the mounting, but I was looking for something for an Asscher Cut diamond.

After much discussion with the sales lady, she agreed that either a Cushion Cut or an Asscher Cut would look lovely in this setting. I was then unsure about what my preference might be and decided to purchase the ring and try it out with an Asscher cut CZ to see if I liked the look. My own engagement ring was an almost flawless/colorless Marquise diamond that I had temporarily stopped wearing because it picked EVERYTHING in my closet, scratched everyone and got caught in the dogs hair (and mine). A Marquise cut can be extremely flattering as it elongates the fingers and has a beautiful and elegant look. The down side of this cut is its tendency to get caught and scratch everything. The only way around this would be to mount the stone in a bezel, which would lose some its gorgeous qualities.

I took the ring setting home with me (I just could not resist it’s beauty) and decided I would temporarily have an Asscher cut CZ placed in the mounting to see if I liked that look. More importantly - I wanted to make certain I was not trading problems before asking my hubby to replace my original Marquise with an Asscher diamond. I loved the look of the Asscher cut and mentioned my plan to my Hubby. As you have probably guessed by now - he was completely crushed that I wanted to “trade-in” my original Marquise diamond. I had no idea he was so sentimentally attached to that Marquise diamond, nor that I might stir up a hornets nest! There was no way he was going to be happy if I traded in the Marquise for the Asscher! What I failed to disclose is the new setting was designed for a stone that was close to 3 times the size of my original stone!

Since Chris (my son) had most of his savings tied up in a new condo, his decision to become engaged was not exactly the best timing. . . financially speaking. I agreed to lend him the money to purchase an engagement ring with the plan he would re-pay me when the condo was sold. Now, I am wearing a ring with an Asscher Cut CZ and my future daughter in law is sporting a gorgeous three-stone diamond engagement ring - hmmmmm, what could possibly be wrong with this picture?!!!

The following Spring, after my son and daughter in law got married (it was a GORGEOUS wedding), they decided to sell the condo and move west of Boston, closer to her parents. Since my son was now working in Boston, this all made perfect sense. The condo sold, Chris re-paid me for the engagement ring and they moved West - closer to her parents. The following summer was totally crazy - we were transferred to Arizona and had to put our home on the market and purchase another (just after we had almost completely re-designed our Boston area home, gutted the kitchen, added heated sidewalks, second fireplace, French doors, new stairwell, hardwood floors instead of carpet, etc., etc., etc.). Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect we would be transferred to Arizona! It was utter bedlam trying to get everything ready to move after 20 years in one place, packing up my Boston office and dealing with everything via phone as Hubby was working in NY at the time and only available to come home on week-ends. Obviously, that CZ ring stayed in place and no mention of changing to a diamond was ever mentioned to Hubby.

Fast forward about 13 years and Hubby gave me permission to purchase a new Asscher diamond while I was attending the Tucson Gem Show. Super idea and I did initially look into some diamonds, but something just did not feel right. I continued to wear the old Asscher Cut CZ for a few more years. This past February, Hubby was with me for the AGTA Show in Tucson as we came across all of the diamond suppliers. Much to my surprise, he agreed to purchase a new Asscher Cut diamond and I was able to slightly modify the Atlanta setting.

We will be celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary this coming November, so this generous purchase is an early Anniversary gift. We knew the ring was ready and being shipped out this week after some back and forth with the design team.

The box arrived from FedEx this morning and as we agreed, I have been simply taunted by it all day. Hubby knows it has arrived - I certainly hope he is not working late tonight! I’ll reveal the contents in a subsequent post, so cross your fingers it looks beautiful!

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