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Yesterday, I filled you in on the back story of a very exciting day for me. Caught up in the excitement and confusion of our son getting engaged, then married and the upheaval of a cross country transfer and subsequent move to Arizona - I lived for about 15 years with a ring setting that I adored, but a central diamond place holder (can you spell Cubic Zirconia?) that I decided was the right shape (Asscher) - but never acted on replacing with an actual diamond. I know this about myself and have frequently voiced it to my clients - I would rather do without something I really love, than settle for something I am just okay with. I think that is why even though my Hubby encouraged me to look for a diamond for my setting years ago, while at the Tucson Gem Show - what I really wanted was for him to not only be a part of the process, but share in the excitement. This past February was finally the right time and yesterday was the culmination of a 15+ year wait. To say I can be a patient person when necessary is a bit of an understatement! I know what I love and really do not like to settle.



Besides. . . a ring with a CZ is often what you are seeing in the windows of a jewelry store - sparkly, pretty and inexpensive (just in case there is a smash and grab situation). CZ’s are perfect when traveling, because the potential for robbery is always significant for tourists (at least two of my clients were robbed while traveling in Europe). If anyone asked probing questions about my sparkling CZ ring, I always truthfully explained, since I figured I would get around to replacing it. . . someday. Yesterday was that day!



Because it was so much warmer yesterday and I had too much to do - darling Daphne, our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, waited until it was a bit cooler for her afternoon/evening walk. These walks in Arizona have to be timed just right so it is not too hot or dark. We set out about 5:30PM just before dusk (when the coyotes come out to “play” - aka - snatch your small dogs for their dinner). Daphne first met up with some of her old friends and absolutely had to meet and greet, then hang around for sniffing and play while the owners chatted. A few feet later she caught up with her 13 year old Pomeranian friend, Fergie. Sweet Fergie is like a little ball of fluff and because of her age, she moves r-e-a-l-l-y slowly. Daphne is young and full of energy, so she ran in circles around sweet Fergie as we made our way to our respective homes. As we turned the corner, Daphne could see that Daddy had arrived home early! A good 5 minutes of kisses and petting ensued with her Daddy being the object of her affection (as if she had not seen him in weeks)!





Hubby had a dozen gorgeous red roses waiting on the counter and handed them to me saying, “Will you accept these final roses”? I realize now, Hubby has been forced to watch way too many episodes of The Bachelor/Bachelorette! Naturally, I accepted and I immediately proceeded to arrange them in a vase. You simply cannot leave cut flowers out for very long without putting them in water - otherwise they will quickly wilt in this dry weather. While I was arranging the flowers and cutting off the stems, Hubby sneaked away to open the FedEx box and take a peek at the contents. Once I had finished arranging the gorgeous roses, he took my hand and lead me to a spot near the breakfast table. My dear sweet Hubby got down on one knee and presented me with this breathtaking new ring! With tears welling up in my eyes, he slipped the gorgeous ring on my finger and let’s suffice to say, Hubby got smothered in kisses from both of his gals yesterday! I felt as if I was newly engaged - I couldn’t take my eyes off my hand and that stunning new ring! Now I understand why Hubby lead me over to the table to present the ring - this getting down on one knee business works best if you are under 40 - that table was really helpful for getting back on his feet!




To say I am in love with this new ring design is an understatement - it completely exceeded my expectations. I feel I must give a shout out to Jacky at Paramount Gems as well as the entire team of artisans that took on this task. The ring is just gorgeous and I will cherish it forever as a beautiful symbol of love from my wonderful husband and all our many happy years together.

And they lived happily ever after!






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