Our Self-Isolation Day Of Beauty Journal

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There have been three of us locked down in our home for the past month plus - our little doggie, Daphne / my husband, Paul / and myself. With all but essential workers staying at home too, we realized we would need to help out one another for our scheduled “Day Of Beauty”. With a bit of help via texts from various groomers and hair stylists, we each attempted our routines after supplies had been ordered and received.

Little Daphne was the first of our efforts since she was scheduled for a grooming just after we went into self-isolation. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, so her silky long coat has to be brushed and washed regularly - otherwise we would probably need to have her shaved down - which is a big ”No No”. After we gathered up the essential grooming supplies, Paul and I attempted her bath and grooming. As you can see, our efforts were not too bad with a little help from her groomer via text. Next time I’ll ask Paul to hold the dryer while I attempt to brush out her ears so they don’t become too wavy. All in all, the result was pretty good and she certainly smelled better!

Next up was myself which ended up being a full day of trial and error since my sweet hubby is not exactly creative and knows nothing about hair coloring or extensions. First step was removing the extensions for move up later, after the color. All went as planned after fumbling around a bit with the removing solvent. We even had the foresight to place the extensions in an order of removal so we could know which ones went back in specific places. Actually, removing the glue (from both my head and the tabs) was probably the most painful part of the process. Next up was the coloring which I mixed. I actually started the process by coloring around my hairline since I did not trust my DH to not have the color going down to my eyebrows! The end result of the coloring with Paul’s help was not too shabby even though I found a few spots that need a redo (that is for another day). At least my roots are not so visible now! Next in the process was the move up of extensions. My hubby did a fantastic job of not only the order of the extension, but using his math capabilities, plotting where each of the extensions should go. I am now good to go - just no where to go!

Today is the day I am going to attempt to cut/color my hubby’s very curly hair. I have my plan and strategy all figured out since he has very curly hair that is probably difficult to work with. First the color, then the trimming. I am planning to only trim off a little because less is more in this case.

Maybe I should have made certain I did not mix up the groomer’s notes from the hair stylists’!

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