To ZOOM Or Not To ZOOM - That Is The Question!

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Okay, here is a little known fact . . . I was an educator for 4 years fairly soon after I graduated from college. Three of the years were spent teaching in Louisiana and a fourth year was spent teaching in Massachusetts. Back in those days, teaching was a wonderful opportunity for someone to work in the very rewarding field of education while spreading out their paycheck for a full year. We had the summer off and my search for adequate childcare finally seemed to be in a much better position. All of that ended when Prop. 2 1/2 came along in Massachusetts - last one in / first one out! I decided to remain in the field of Interior Design for the next twenty-two years and I finally came to realize, after much success - it was a very good decision for me!
I had a long overdue conversation with a very dear friend of mine who had remained in the education field for all these years, but recently retired. I asked her if she was glad she had retired now that the world has changed so much and teachers are faced with the decision as to whether to remain in their positions or bow out due to family concerns. Her answer was a resounding, “Yes!” In addition to all of the testing and paperwork, reports, etc. that a teacher might be required to do during a normal school year - this year has been a nightmare for them. What I am seeing/hearing is school districts where teachers are refusing to teach in person for fear of catching COVID-19 and really . . . who can blame them?! I know one school district here in AZ that was scheduled to begin shortly, but due to teachers refusing to work under these circumstances - in person school has been retracted and classes will now be taught online.

I also have a dear sweet niece that just got her teaching certificate in Florida - this was to be her first year of service. I am actually hoping that she will not have to teach in person until we have all of the kinks worked out in this mess. She has two small children at home and a hubby in the Military. No one wants to see her or her family get infected with this virus whether it is asymptomatic or not.

In any event, August/September has traditionally represented the return of a new school year and this one, although probably very different, will be a similar scenario to last years school end. New school supplies, books, clothes and shoes will need to be ordered because little guys grow so quickly - even if they are attending school online. Teachers will be looking for supplies, new methods of teaching and unique bulletin board/inspiration ideas. Plus, those same teachers will want to figure out how to recycle their old wardrobe (if it still fits after the COVID 15 weight gain!) - even if it is just for their online lessons.
This is where some pretty jewelry comes into play - especially perfect for teachers that are doing online instruction. I’ve been busy making up gorgeous necklaces and fanciful earrings - just for this reason. Some of the newest designs are quite reasonable in price and some are better geared for the more affluent customer or collector - but all are pretty and certain to get attention.
Arianna II Emerald Hoop Earrings
So . . . for the rest of you that are working online - here is also an opportunity to dress up your ZOOM work wardrobe. You might be working with your bottom half in your PJ’s, but the top half will look professional and polished with some new earrings or necklaces.

I am curious as to what each state / school district is planning for this school year. Leave me a message as to whether your children are going in person or online this Fall. For those of you that will be supplementing the online lessons - I feel your pain, but now, I just bet you realize . . . teachers are not really paid enough!

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